Online veda Gurukulam is a medium of reviving the Guru Shishya Parampara (tradition of learning from a teacher in a Gurukula or Ashrama) by leveraging the technology available in the modern era. The objective of starting this online medium is to help the public at large to understand the Vedic scriptures learn the texts and rituals, thus lead a life empowered with the vedic knowledge propounded by our ancient seers.

Who We Are

Learn Veda is an online space for you to learn about vedas and vedic lifestyle.

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Our Vision

The Vedas from time immemorial have been the guiding light of humanity. Bharata, or India is known for its rich heritage of some of the world′s most ancient texts on science and knowledge systems.

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Our Mission

  1. To preserve the tradition of the Vedas in their original form.
  2. To perpetuate the Gurukula tradition in the modern world.
  3. To cultivate a social-outlook and spiritual insight in the youth.
  4. To prove that the Rishi parampara is still relevant in this modern age.
  5. To teach the Shastras through the right medium i.e. Samskritam and to propagate samskrita conversation.