Acharyasri Rajesh

 Acharyasri Rajesh is a profound Vedic Scholar and Journalist turned social reformer from Kerala, with an aim to reinstate Ancient Vedic Knowledge, which he considers the best way to eradicate Superstitions and all kinds of discriminatory practices and bring the backward classes and women to the mainstream of the society, established Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation.

 He thus imparted Vedic learning, which the followers of Sanatana Dharma consider sacred, in layman’s language, to each and everyone irrespective of religion, caste and gender. Vedas, priestly practices, and Vedic daily rituals were taught to around 2 lakh people in Kerala and non-residential Keralites, which were once forbidden for the majority.

 In order to bring back the ‘Gurukula’ system, which is the ancient indigenous system of education; children below 14 years are taught Vedas in a traditional manner including all components like the learning of oral techniques, ‘Vyakarana’, ‘nirukta’, and ‘chandas’. Along with this, Vedic philosophies such as ‘samkhya’, ‘yoga’, ‘vaisheshika’, ‘nyaya’, ‘meemamsa’ and ‘vedanta’, Bhagavadgita, Upanishads are also being taught.

 He has authored 76 books in the genre of Vedic literature, and through them
transferred the great knowledge of Veda to common people.

 In 2014, he conducted ‘Somayaga’ in Kozhikode, which was a historical event in various aspects. In Somayaga, Tribal families of Northern Kerala were welcomed to the Yagashala by the Namboodiri Brahmins, which became remarkable moment in the social history of Kerala. Around 13 lakhs of people participated in the Yaga and 6 lakhs of them were served ‘Annaprasada’ prepared from poison-free rice and vegetables cultivated through organic-farming methods by Acharyasri’s disciples. The yaga was declared as a
completely “Plastic-free event’’ and devoid of any superstitions like Animal slaughter etc.

 On the occasion of Somayaga, 2500 disciples of Acharyasri, of all caste and gender, together performed Agnihotra, the sacred Yajna prescribed in the Vedas, in individual havan kundas.

 In 2016, he made a historic proclamation, named “Prajnanam Brahma’’, at Kozhikode beach, in the presence of more than a lakh of people, that everyone irrespective of any caste or gender discrimination has the right to learn and practice Vedas. In this occasion, for the first time in the history of Kerala, a woman was declared as Vedic priest and 2500 Women chanted Vedic mantras harmoniously.

 Charity and social service beneficial to all sections of the society is being undertaken and people are being educated to emulate such selfless services. The ‘Vasudha’ project where noon meals were served to hundreds of poor and hapless patients and their people in Kozhikode Medical College continues unabatedly for the last 8 years. Flood relief activities, Building Houses for the homeless, Distribution of clothes, groceries and Vegetables to Tribes and Fishermen during Festival seasons, Pension for Widows and Senior Citizen, Education Scholarships to Children from poor families, Free medical
camps etc. are also being done.

 Under his leadership, for the protection of the Environment, programs such as Dayananda Afforestation, Herbal plants distribution are being initiated. Encouraging the Protection of Desi Cows, Gaushala of his Gurukul is conserving 16 Desi Cows that includes Desi breeds such as Gir, Krishna, Kasargod dwarf etc. Organic Farming is also encouraged.

 Acharyasri has been conferred with many awards. Some of them being : “Veda Samskara Acharya” award by Dayananda Institute of Vedic studies. “Arya Karmatha Karyakarta” award by Paropakarini Sabha of Ajmer, “Vedacharya” title by Om Shanti Dhama, a Karnataka based prominent Gurukul of South India, “Kapali Shastri’’ award by the Bangalore based Sri Aurobindo Kapali Shastri Institute of Vedic Culture, “Mahashay
Dharmpal Rashtriya Arya Gourav Samman” by Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, “Yajna Prajapati” award by the Vedic Pundits of Madhya Pradesh, “Achyutha Pisharadi Award” by Oral History Research Foundation, “Karmashreshtha” Award by Paithrukam Guruvayur, “Vedabharati” award by Tanur Vaidika Vicharasamiti, “Gurusreshtha” award by Ganam Samskarika Vedi, “Acharyasreshtha” award by Thiruvannathapuram Hindu dharma parishath, “Maharshi Dayananda Puraskaram” by chengannur Narendrabhooshan Smaraka Pratishthapanam.